Knowledge is the basis for innovation. We train wine professionals to increase their competence and autonomy

The enrichment of knowledge and professional updating of people working in the wine sector are today essential values.

Courses & Training

Directly and in cooperation with third parties, we provide training courses for internal staff and employees of companies such as wineries, producer associations and promotion consortia.
We recognize and develop the skills and potential of individuals, fostering the emergence of well-prepared teams capable of working in a coordinated and effective manner. Courses on pruning and control Esca disease through curetage and grafting are well established.

Workshop & Conferences

As speakers we take part in conferences and seminars on the hottest topics of innovation in viticulture and oenology.
Here we bring our technical expertise, made up of experimentation and concrete results, and contribute to the conception of new production paths, able to maximize the value of raw materials and its uniqueness, as well as the sustainability of processes.

If you are interested in training courses specifically tailored to your needs, please contact us.