What lies behind the quality of a wine?

La Vita In un Sughero  publishes Adua Villa’s interview with our Mattia and Umberto.

la vita in un sughero
The value of the time factor in wine production and the importance of cork closure to ensure a product that lasts. Being aware of the variables that come into play in the production process, managing them and outlining valuable oenological projects. These were the concepts behind Adua Villa’s interview with Umberto Marchiori and Mattia Filippi.
Time as an essential value for generating the quality of food products in general and wine in particular. “At one time,” Umberto explains, ‘in oenology we relied much more on the seasonality of processes. Today we have to recover time as a value. All the most important wines in the world are credible thanks to their longevity, their ability to improve their characteristics over time’.
“The high-quality natural cork stopper,” says Mattia Filippi, “contributes to the positive evolution of wines that are able to mature over time.