Vine mealybug: chemical protection and biocontrol in comparison

Italian vineyards have long been subject to damage caused by the grapevine mealybug, Planococcus ficus. This is a constantly growing threat, which is increasingly difficult to deal with as the range of insecticides has been progressively reduced in recent years. For organic viticulture, the problem becomes even more pressing because control tools are limited.
In this phytoiatric panorama, the use of antagonistic insects is emerging as an interesting biocontrol tool. For this reason, since 2018 we have undertaken experimental trials to test the effectiveness of these insects in comparison with chemical strategies, in a multi-year perspective.
In the April 2021 issue of VVQ – Vigne, Vini & Qualità, the article by Leone Braggio, Roberto Merlo (Uva Sapiens) and Luca Dal Bianco (Cantina di Conegliano e Vittorio Veneto SAC).

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